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  1. Last week, same wheel, hub went out. First notice was "electrical" smell inside cab. Beerother did it smoke.
  2. Heya, Cruiser. You're in AZ? I'm in Green Valley. Not an hour ago, I gave a copy of your tips to a friend at Merle's Auto Parts, who gets a number of Jeep customers. I really appreciate your work. Have had the Comanche since 2005, went to NC for it, at which time the odometer was ballpark 65,000. Sadly now 110,000. I have most records back to purchase, which took place in Virginia. Navy guy. I bought from his son. Thanks re Bosch suggestion. I stumbled into the approach you recommended...still need one to two pumps of the pedal, unlike earlier days, but much better. I am a week away from going full tilt on your tips. Notice when full tank, starts easier. Have not seen this pump; could crud in tank be clogging a pickup tube of some sort? Did buy new filter, not yet installed. Until this year, Comanche sat in garage for seven summer months while we went home to Alaska. Always put stabilizer in tank. Great off-road country here; hope you're enjoying the same.
  3. Hornbrod, thanks for your tip re signature. Let me know if my sig below needs improvement. So back to the valve cover. You said you powder coated yours, right? I've messed with powder-coating in marine settings, but never in a really hot environment like under a car hood. No discolorations? Or, is it a special powder coat? Since you apparently have an interest in chrome (based on your signature), why didn't you chrome the valve cover? Price? What other items, if any, did you coat under the hood? Thanks much.
  4. Do I get a shot at the slot? I'll be 70 this coming May. And learning lots from the posts here. By the by, my grandson learned to offroad in my Comanche, up in the Santa Rita Mountains, east of here. Robbie was 13 when a regular caravan of pricey Jeeps came upon us, way up in the cactus, while we were having lunch. They all said nice things about the Comanche...and warned us two newbies that we would need to be in 4-wheel while going up the hill ahead of us. I said to Robbie, "Why don't you see how you do in two-wheel?" He got in the driver's seat and nailed the hill. A 13-year-old learner in your Comanche has its downsides. I have a rear bumper that I need to figure out how to fix. He went on to race Miatas, did quite well. The Comanche is all mine now, busted bumper included.
  5. Hornbrod, what am I missing here? I am extremely interested in fitting my 'manche with a pressure gauge. But, two problems. First, the Shrader valve on this vehicle's rail is canted downwards somewhat. It is not obvious to me that the rail can be repositioned upward...but perhaps. Second, the problem with a downward can't is that the gauge seriously conflicts with what appears to be a CCV assembly of tubes, etc. That's not to say with some creativity, I couldn't lower them a tad. But is it possible you have replaced this assembly with a more stream-lined version? I toyed with the thought of a 60-degree bronze extension fitting (to lift the gauge up slightly), but I'm not sure it would clear the hood. Even if I were able to reposition the rail so that the Shrader valve was canted somewhat upwards, I would still be conflicting with the supposed CCV stuff. Another question, arising from taking many long looks at your photos. I have been toying with chroming the valve cover to class the joint up a bit. In your photos, though, you seem to have a different-than-chrome coating on the valve cover...is that right? What is it? Thanks for any thoughts.
  6. Although I will first be changing out the fuel filter, the fuel pump on my 1990 4.0 Comanche appears to be the culprit for a slow start (have to pump the gas pedal numerous times...I've replaced the obvious electrical componets). Fortunately I have service records back to the Comanche's purchase...the fuel pump has never been changed out (107,000 plus miles). At my local auto parts stores, I find a range of fuel pumps available, from a Denso brand at $103, to other brands up to $325. Thatsa big range! I hear Denso is a respected name. Butttt, what advice on fuel pump selection do those of you who've "been there, done that" have? Can't see spending more than I need to. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for your suggestions and tips. I will be ordering the Dash Mat product. I would fabricate one myself, but by the time you pay for material and serging, this is a derned reasonable price. 'Manche on.
  8. I am not too far from Mexican border, in Arizona. The Comanche is garaged but doesn't much like the sun when parked during the day. Anyone have success in locating a source for dashboard covers? Thanks much.
  9. Have you found a rear bumper yet? I am also looking for one, would be interested in any leads once you have yours. I live in Arizona, will be coming up to Seattle in another month. I once lived on the Port Orchard side of Rich Pass, just where the ferry makes the turn. You're lucky to be living in Kitsap...can just imagine the off-road trails in the hills.
  10. Rear bumper still available? Condition?
  11. When I was a teenager---some 45 years ago---I loved to offroad out in the brush and hills of eastern Oregon. "Hill doozing," we called it. Only trouble was that my vehicle was my Dad's '60 VW Bug. Worked great, but he got a little grouchy about the progressively beat-up underside. Then, life got in the way, I went off to the world. But always I dreamed of having an off-road Jeep. Tonight I am the happiest old duffer in all of Arizona. Over the past three days, I drove my newly acquired '90 4.0 4WD MJ back from the east coast to our winter home here...some 2500 miles (via Denver) in four days and not a hiccup. I did not see a single other MJ the entire trip.* Since what I know about cars is next to zip, I will be asking you folks a lot of questions. I hope to get a trail bike into the back and go hit the hills. You're only young once! Jeep on. *But the night I left for the airport my wife and I stopped at a casino because the food is good and cheap. We parked right next to an MJ, same color, earlier year. License plate: Sonora, Mexico.
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