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  1. Got a tan one from a 93 xj with the cup holder hard mounted to the right front side but I'm in pa
  2. 420manche

    Ax-5 N.p.-231

    Steve it's the 4wd ax5 right? Do you have the t case as well?
  3. I'm sure it's been covered a lot here but I'm starting to get glossy eyed looking through old posts. I have an 87 with the 2.5L t.b.i. (Renix?) and was wondering what us the easiest route in the engine bay to swap in a 4.0l? Do I just find a renix 4.0 and take the harness sensors and all or can I use 4.0 h.o. Stuff. Don't really want to swap out my dash cause I was just gonna swap my 97 xj drive train in dash and all but would like an easier swap. Thanks all for input or a point in the right place to look.
  4. Hi all. Looking to swap in my center console from my 97xj into my 87 mj. Need a manual trans shifter boot and bezel? Not sure what all is needed. In pa but will pay to have shipped.
  5. Sorry I forgot, lol. In northeast pennsylvannia. Don't really wanna ship but could work something out. Also I will list more parts from the same 97 xj as I figure out what all I am not gonna use in my manche. Oh and flexible on the prices.
  6. 97 Chrysler 8.25 rear, from xj has 3.55 ratio. Asking 175$ obo or trade for ???
  7. 420manche

    Ax-5 N.p.-231

    Hi all any one one pa looking to get rid of an AX-5/n.p.-231 cheap or trade.
  8. 420manche

    Rim For Spare

    Well they're here if ya need them I just hoard jeep parts lol
  9. 420manche

    Rim For Spare

    I'm in the Wilkes barre/Scranton area close to the pocono s. It will be an aluminum 93 Cherokee lace style, you can have all 4, 3 tires hold air. Not very useable tread left but useable. Bfg km2's 30x9.50r15.
  10. 2nd owner, first was an old lady. Got it with 117k miles on it am currently up to 119k and change. Best of all I got this truck free and it only needs a small repair pan on the drivers floor. So far with replacement parts title and tags to get it road worthy my total investment is around 500$ give or take.
  11. 420manche


    1987, swb, 2.5L, ax-5, Dana 35: 4.11 gears
  12. Well I have to admit I am in love with factory wheels as well currently I have 97 alloy 5 spokes on plus the matching 5th spare wheel, am hoarding away a complete 5 piece set of 15x6" steelies from 87 with all 4 trim rings and center caps, and have 4 aluminum lace style wheels from a 93 country xj.
  13. I just bought one from crutchfield. 86-87 use 2 small square plugs, 88-96 use 2 rectangular, and 97-01 used 2similar rectangular plugs. Go to crutchfield.com search for Amc eagle stereo harness
  14. 420manche

    Rim For Spare

    Ya near pa by chance I have a few from various jeeps
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