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  1. Wow, thanks again guys. All good info. My origional thought was to go with all Moog parts and l see that my first instinct was correct. I have heard some feed back on a decline in quality but it still seems to be the choice of most. I am still concidering going with Timken bearings instead.
  2. Thank you all for the input, l have a good idea what direction to go in.
  3. Hey guys, it’s been a while since l have been here but my old Heep has been pretty reliable for the past few years but, it’s now time to do the ball joints, tie rod and ends and bearings. Looking for recomendations for specific brands that you like and why. Also, possibly interested in the one ton ball joints and rod ends so tell me what is involved in that kind of conversion, have you done it and would you do it again?
  4. Got the 5v between B and C positions on the plug but no voltage to A. The relay is tested and good including resistance. 12v from the 86 terminal to 85 but the relay isn’t switching while in the system, so, no power to 87a. What is the power source to the 30 terminal? Or am l looking in the wrong place.
  5. Thanks for that Stroker, it’s on it’s way. It just won’t be here until the 29th. Damn!
  6. OK guys, thank you. The problem hasn’t been about a $55 dollar part. The issue is “shipping and handling” l couldn’t get one to my door for less than $77, l have been looking. It just seems like a lot, especially since the Echelon unit from Napa used to be regarded pretty highly and is available for just more tgan half that money. And, would like to have it running today, not the middle of next week.
  7. Any opinion on the Crown Automotive Crank Position Sensor? Not trying to cheap out here but the Mopar unit is just ridiculously expensive. Reviews for most brands are poor at best, even the NAPA brand that Cruiser54 had recomended at one time. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks HOrnbroad, any opinion on the crowne automotive part?
  9. Anybody have the part number for the MOPAR CPS for an 89 4.0?
  10. Yep, checked every voltage range. Got nothing but zeros.
  11. Yep, 200vac. Also checked all other ac volt ranges just to be sure. And, no, it isn’t a cheepo metre.
  12. OK, so how am l getting no voltage and running??? I went and checked it 4-5 times just to eliminate my own personal stupidity and ineptitude from the equasion.
  13. Had to recover my password after an extended absence. If you check my account l’m sure that you’ll see that l have had to reset my password 3-4 times today. Every time that l put in my new password the second time for confirmation the bot says that they don’t match, (EVERY TIME) l know for a fact they do, then tap the log in button twice even with what the bot says is incorrect logs me in, but then can’t log in next time, then the proscess starts all over. Having to reset again just to log in.
  14. I just checked CPS and got 0.00v plug it back in starts right up, what gives?
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