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I have been to quite a few sites on the 'net that advertise 'reprint' AMC and Chrysler shop manuals for the MJ. Most offer a three manual set, the first two being the actual manuals and the third consisting of addendums and such. Problem is, all I have found have been for the 86-87-88 years, and I have a 89.


Are they still applicable or are the 89 shop manuals not available any longer?



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Keep watching ebay. I found all 4 manuals for my 89 for $25 plus shipping in mint condition. I found a site that has them, I will see if i can find it.


Look here, might be expensive:



They have the main one for 89 here but very expensive.



ebay is your best bet.

If you can find a set from 87,88,0r 90 for cheap it will be very similar until you can find an 89

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