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E brake cable

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The ebrake cables from the junction box to the drums have just been replaced on my truck.

My E brake is still not working though.

So I ordered the cable from the pedal back. I haven't even looked at it yet but Is there anything special I should know before I go to replace it this week. I take it, it goes from the pedal assembly by the kick panel underneath the carpet to the back of the cab and out. Am I going to have to remove the seat and carpet to get to it or is it easier than that? I tried searching in the archives but couldn't find any info. I guess I'm just going to break down and finally buy a stinkin Chilton's for basic info. :rotfl2:

So, any tips are greatly appreciated. :D

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You are going to have to remove the driver seat and lift the carpet. The cable runs back and crosses under the carpet & seat to the center hump and then runs back and out the center of the cab. :cheers:


I have alaready investigated it on mine as mine is broken right at the pedal... :cry:

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