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Today i decided to line the rocker panels on my truck. first i washed it off and prepped the surface. then i went and grabbed the first can of tbl to do a few test sprays and then spray the truck.


on the first can, i pushed the nozzle down and it stuck in the spray position :headpop: $5 down the tubes.


second can = same thing :headpop: $10 down the tubes


3rd can = worked at first and then began to stick about half the time. once i had sprayed the truck and it dried I realized that although on the test sprays it looked alright, on the truck it looked like $#!&.


now i want to get it off. any suggestions :(

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As we say in Maine don't BE SCEERRRRD Hahaha don't be scared If you scratch it you scratch it Just Rebedline it with something better.


here's a list of good Bed Liners


Hurculiner 40 bucks a Quart LOL


Duplicolor ( i've had good Luck) 23 bucks a quart


Raptor ( ebay ) 98 Bucks Complete kit


Or if your pretty cheap like me Get half gallon of Semi gloss Rustoleum And mix 1 quart of sand and Brush or roll it on

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