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Going from a 5 speed to AW4

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Ok guys I don’t really want to give up my 5 speed but I am think that an auto is going to be really nice in the long run I mean its just a mater of time before my stock 5 speed gives up the ghost. I would love to upgrade to the ax15 but the cash flow is not there for me. So how hard is it to but an auto in my truck? The donor tranny is from an 88 XJ so i am thinking that most of this should just bolt in.


1. If I get the complete wiring harness from the donor XJ is it plug in play meaning does my truck have all the wiring there I just need to plug the wires in for the AW 4 or is it going to be more work than that.

2. I have seen the joy stick controller link here:


and I don’t have an issue with running something like this but then I am up to the price of the AX15


So what do you guys think and no I am not looking for reason to keep the 5 speed I am a dye hard fan of the clutch it just I think for trail riding which is what I do 90% of the time there is no need for a 5 speed.


So who has done this and what issues have you ran in to.



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The post pretty much covered everything.. I will let you know what all is attached to the wiring harness and what needs to be removed from the donor rig.. I am going to pull the tranny this week.



As for being a newbie.. we shall forgive you this time ;)

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