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Lower Fuel Lines for MPI Conversion

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Anybody have a source for the lower fuel lines? I'm converting my '88 2.5L TBI to MPI. I have the short lines that connect to the fuel rail, but they don't match up with the lower lines leftover from my TBI setup. I've tried the dealer (no longer available), quadratec, realmopar.com, Napa etc. The part #'s from the FSM are 5200 6910 for the fuel return line, and 5300 2192 for the fuel supply line. I found the return line for $30 shipped, but can't find the fuel supply line available anywhere, and I have yet to see any comanches in the junkyards I go to either. Anybody have another source where I can order jeep parts by the oem part #?


By the way, I also checked car-part.com but didn't see fuel lines listed as one of their options, and would be slightly hesitant to buy a used one that way and trust that the person taking it off took good care of it while removing it and packaging it.

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Tried them too, as well as AutoZone, no luck yet. I may have to just find a local place that can shorten my existing lines and put the proper end on them, or find a tool so I can do it myself.

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