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HELP I need heater control rear view BAD ASAP

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Please I hope someone can help. I am working on my 87 MJs heat /ac controls. I really need a picture of the rear of the panel. Mine has a few splices in it and I'm not sure if they are supposed to be there. My problem was that all of the heater controls work but when I switch it to the AC position I get nothing coming out of the vents, it is like they all shut. You can still hear the fan blowing but nothing out of the vents. I also found a few relays and vacume switches under and behind the pass. dash. Any clue what those are they look factory but in a way maybe not. I REALLY need a picture of the rear of the panel in a hurry, I seldom get to work on my own vehicle and this is the first Jeep I have owned to drive myself and I think it might be nice to have working air. If someone has pictures they can maybe e-mail me I can't thank you enough and since I'm trying to hurry could you possibly give me a ring if you send any photos . The control panel has AC then vent then heat and then defrost if I remember right My number is 515-729-4582 and my name is Cory Thank you for your help in advance.

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