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Fast question on a transmission mount for aisin ax 15 trans

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went from the 5-speed Peugeot BA-10/5 to the 5-speed Aisin AX-15 manual. I went to a local jeep store that I usually get my parts from they put the serial number into a computer and found a transmission mount for the job. I bought it went back home and after installing the new trans in I found the mount I was sold was not even close to being the right one. So I took the old mount and with some work and a grinder I made it work for the time being. I would like to have the correct mount in place but I have already tried all my books and the local stores and no one has a clue about the part number or where I can find one. So I ask all you gurus out there any idea where I could get the mount for the ax-15 ?

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