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Window Regulator 84-91: Will Cable Swap Manual vs Power?

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Hi All - new member here with the first (of many) questions :)


88 MJ with manual window lifts, I would really like to replace both flex cables while I have the truck apart. But I don't want to pay $150 each for new assemblies. The power versions seem to be more common on eBay and I am wondering if anyone has ever taken the flex cable from a power unit and put it into a manual one? In reading the boards I also wonder if we know:


a) are the fronts from both the 2 & 4 door cherokees interchangeable with an MJ (I think yes?)

B) cherokee rears: the mechanism is slightly different but how about those cables (same length as fronts?)



BTW - While I have this apart if anyone wants door/window pics just let me know. I was actually pretty surprised how quickly drilling the rivets & removing everything went!


Below: Manual regulator - the cable is 41.5 inches long



Below: Power Regulator


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I've used a 4 door in a 2 door XJ. Either direct replacement or I replaced the cable only. Too many cars too much age to remember all the details, but I do remember pulling the cable out to grease it. Have to uncrimp the end and crank it out.

The first concern for the rear is length.

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