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My 2WD 91 Commanche automatic and going to 4X4 5 speed?


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First thing I should say is that my truck is not USED as a daily driver, I use it for occasional work like hauling stuff from rentals to the dump and just general moving crap around.


It is a long bed, Southern California truck with a Metric Ton package and automatic transmission. Once or maybe twice a year I use it to go camping. The long bed and covered shell lets us sleep the night just fine. The truck gets used less than 6K per year.


My sister-in-law has a 91 Cherokee 4x4, 5 speed, with just over 200K.


Wanted to ask the group if, given my current uses for the truck it is worth swapping the 4x4 stick shift in to the automatic 2WD truck for just what I use the truck.


Kind of think, given here in San Diego, and what I use the truck for, it is a waste of effort.


But, when she is ready to get rid of the Cherokee, I KNOW I can have it for zero dollars. Besides, it could get me building stroker motor.


Another problem/expense would be the Metric ton Dana 44 with the 3.54 gearing and the Cherokee 3.07 gearning. That would mean giving up the Metric ton package gearing or buying new gears for the front axel.


What I really would like to do is find a Toyota truck 5 or 6 speed automatic and 4 wheel drive to graft onto the Comanche.


Again, your thoughts are appreciated.


John Jackson

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