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Chip tuning the Jeep 4 ltr. 6?

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My daily driver is a 96 VW Passat TDI. I get 38 mpg. And I see a whole lot of TDI owners who "chip" the ecu for more performance, with very good results.


Now, I checked out jeepstrokers.com today and noticed a thread asking about "chip tuning" the Jeep 6. Got some information, but not really very much.


Does anyone here have some solid information on "chip tuning" the H.O. 4 litre 6? Or even some pointers to web links.




John Jackson

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Only available for the HO version -- 1991 and newer. They require running high test gasoline and they do not help fuel economy.


With today's gas prices, IMHO a chip would be a poor investment.

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