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The best Damn wife in the world!


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well to make a long story short :roll: kinda, back in highschool long befor the manch came around my budy picked up this bone stock 75 ramcharger and i fell in love with it and i told him that if he ever sold it i would buy it . about 4 years later i was gearing up to go to school in north carolina and need a reliable dd and it just so happens that he was selling it so i jumped on the oppertunity and baught it and we made a deal that if the truck was ever to be sold again that it would be only between us. 3 years later I'm signing the pink back over to the budy i got it from because i just baught the rubicon and was forced to sell the ram by the wife . 3 years later (present day) i was at a friends house for a mothers day/b-day party (my b-day is next week) and the wife drives up in my old ramcharger , gets out and tosses me the keys and says go take yer truck for a drive . lets just say i was a little shocked jamminz.gif :banana:


the plan is to turn it in to the family hotrod

well here she is

its a built 360 ,holly 670 truck avenger ,DT headers ,727 ,4"lift on 33 and some other things.

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