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long arm mount

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i'm looking at buying a set of used longarms. the only issue is they are on a truck whose mount is welded to the frame, so the mount does not come with it. what do you guys suggest for a longarm frame mounting system. I'm not in a position to fab one, as my fabbing skills just aren't there. I'm looking at buying one. clayton's looks good, what do you guys think? any other places I should look at?

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What longarms are you buying?


Different setups (TNT, Claytons, RK, RE, Full Traction, Etc.) all use a different location to mount the arms on the body side. Not to mention that they all use a different type of joint; thus being a different size mount. Also different arms are different lengths, so your control arms may be to short or to long with another mount setup.


For instance a TNT arm won't work on a RE mount. I'd figure out what type of arms your buying and try to get the correct mounts for them.

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