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1990 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 2WD 4.0L Automatic

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I just got her off my brother-in-law's aunt for $500. She has 244,000 miles on her with a new transmission. Already slapped some new wheels and tires on, I didn't like the old wheels so I gave them to my dad and the old tires were shot. I've got a real good starting point and I'm open to ideas for customizing this baby. I've already decided a name for her, Vanessa. I can tell she's been neglected, I'll have to check all the fluids and everything tomorrow. I already have a few ideas of what I'm going to do with it. Sorry, it was dark outside but I just got so excited I had to take some pictures.



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Thanks. I need to get a new rear bumper and a new front bumper definitely because they are both jacked up. I was thinking about getting the Warrior Products Jeep Cherokee Front Bumper With Brush Guard for the front and get just a FEY Black Diamond Step Bumper for the rear.

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