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I have a 91 swb 2wd 4.0 5speed.

Currently getting motivation to start working on my truck again since its been sitting 2 years (life happens🙄) already have a d30 out of a 97 xj bolted up front in proccess of finding an 8.8 lsd rear. I picked up an ax15 out of a tj pretty cheep an have the np231 out of the xj the front axle came out of. Plan to do 4in lift an sye. My question is am i going to have issues with the trans cross member or trans mount? Do i need to build one? Or will a xj/mj one work? Also is the bell housing the same on a tj vs the xj/mj or do i need to find a different one? I know ill need a custom rear shaft and the 8.8 yoke but a cherokee front shaft should work correct? 



 Thanks in advance my brain is melting from all of the research ive done and threads ive read I'm just getting confused at this point and overloaded 🫠 thought it would just be best to ask the questions i have and get straight to the point answers 


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I have a TJ trans/t-case in my 88.  you'll want to reuse your MJ shifter handle assembly.  bellhousing is fine.  the TJ trans will clock (rotate) the t-case up a bit closer to the floorboards.  mine is very close but never touched.  and I appreciate the bit of extra ground clearance. :D  far as I know your trans mount assemblies should work fine with the new trans.  I had a peugeot before and so had to invent a bunch of that because the pegeot and AX-15 share almost nothing.  the SYE is not recquired at only 4" of lift, but it is a good strength upgrade.  now;s the time to do a good looksie into the health of the new AX-15.  you don't want to install it and then find out the gears are all chewed up.

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Awesome thanks for the input! 

I was told 1st gear syncro ring is bad in the trans so i plan to have it gone through and rebuilt if needed only paid $150 for it so its a win in my book even if i need to rebuild. The sye is just prepairing for future upgrades current plans are to build a reliable daily with weekend worrior capabilities then over time its getting a tdi swap and bigger axles/tires (we all know projects are never and will never be 100% complete 😂) but i figure before i put it in i may as well do it right the first time and not have to pull it later for upgrades. 

Is there any odd things with the swap i may be over looking or not thinking about? A project is not a project without some surprises but never know what i might be forgetting. 


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