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I am going to pick this Comanche up later this month or maybe next (feb-mar of 23)

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I’m going to go pick this up in a little bit once I get everything financially settled.6FB2B2C8-BC79-483D-A8A3-30E3265AFE3A.jpeg.8cdd64c18ec9c75d11dee91596e9c510.jpeg It of course has the damages to the roof and driver door due to a tree that fell on it. It has had a tarp over it and the interior was taken out but wasn’t sold. It’s a 87 2wd. that’s pretty much all I know about it. The guy I’m buying it from did not have a ton of info as it was grandpa’s truck that got parked after a while. I will need to source a new driver door if not both doors, a new glass, and a tailgate for it. I'm from the south East Tennessee area. Is anyone has anything they may be able to hook me up with or sell me, please message me at “sheffeyjoey@gmail.com”

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looks straight except for the obvious.  :L:  good score!


not a lot of people browse the builds with intent to sell things, but after only 10 total posts the classifieds will open up to you. :L:  

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