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88 Olympic edition and collectible items


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Funny how things work out, I’ve been working on a 86 4X4 MJ slowly this last year, reading the logs in CC make me wanting to drive the MJ more and more but the way I’m going with working on it might be too long to wait, so was looking around for a driving one to fill the void. Saw a few here and there but never got any where with them. Bored one Sunday I thought look at Craig’s list and there it was. A stock MJ and an Olympic edition and only went up 1/2 hour before I looked. What are the chances.  Then I remembered seeing the Collin Brothers MJ Olympic edition on u-tube when I bought the 4X4MJ then looked up info on the edition. Found out a lot not to mention CB’s was not an Olympic one. So here’s the truck and collectible items







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