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Empty you gas tank

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yes there are other ways to empty your MJ`s fuel tank other than simply driving it lol....


while stripping down the comanche yesterday I needed to grind off one of the trans mount bolts, and this is when I found out my fuel tank was leaking lol..... got to love fire ;D


the tank was 1/2 full, and i was working alone so I knew removing it was going to be a PITA. Then I had a thought, why not bypass the fuel pump relay and let the tank pump itself dry ?? simply unhook your fuel line and if need be attach a hose to it to reach a gas can. take a piece of wire and jump it from your + battery terminal to the fuel pump relay connector as shown. I was in the process of removing the engine, but you get the idea.no need to have the key on to do this. I drained my gas tank in under 10 minutes !

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