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1986 Comanche (hopefully perminant) dome light repair

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I have seen both here and at other sites that the dome lights are a common problem with one side clip breaking off.  Thought I would share a fix that worked on both of mine.  This STL file clips onto the existing dome light and takes the place of the broken clip.  It is designed to "pop" off before damaging the dome light itself if someone tries to yank the light out.  The clip is only designed for the side opposite of the wiring harness, since on both of my lights, that's what broke.  I made it a tight fit for the cutout, since once it is inside, it looks like there was always play in the original design.  If it is a little too tight for your cutout, shaving the side corners (not the top) should give a little more wiggle room if needed.


Hope this is helpful to other people out there :)




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