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Interior Parts! Honey A-Pillars, B-Pillars, and Backboard. Charcoal Seatbelts?


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New Year so it's time to make some space in the garage. These were original in my truck but decided to go to a Cordovan interior instead. I'm a mechanic by trade so my hands are always dirty, nearly all of the smudges or smears visible can come off with minimal effort. I'd rate these parts at about 6.5/10 but I am a very picky person. I also did not put in a lot of effort to clean them up, a little elbow grease would bring these up to a 8/10. These parts are LARGE and shipping prices have gone up this year, you'd be doing both of us a favor by buying more than one part. Prices are slightly negotiable and do not include shipping.


B-Pillars are in decent shape, just a bit dirty. Speaker grills are still securely attached. Driver side pillar is in perfect shape, no cracks or imperfections. The passenger side pillar has a snapped screw retainer by the upper seatbelt mount and two small mysterious holes at the bottom that look to have been drilled by the previous owner. These will come with their matching seatbelt slider trim pieces.

$80 for the set? 







A-Pillars are in very similar shape. Driver side has no imperfections, just a little dirty. Passenger side has one cracked screw retainer but doesn't cause a rattle or looseness. Passenger side pillar has a hole for a grab handle, I have the matching handle that I can throw in upon request however it is missing the little screw covers. 

$60 for the set?





Backboard looked amazing when it was tucked away behind the seat but shows some aesthetic imperfections in the light. Stain behind the driver seat and the backside looks like its been wet at some point. Again, dirty but could probably clean up easily. I've seen these sell for ungodly amounts of money so I'm not sure what to ask. $90?





Seatbelts... I have no idea what colorway they're supposed to match. They came out of my truck with the full honey interior but could very well have been replaced at some point. They look Charcoal to me. They also look to be a few years newer than most seatbelts that I see in '87 trucks. Mechanism has a bit of dirt but these are in great shape overall. $100 for the set.






Long shot since I see very few members on here from the Northeast, anyone willing to come pick these up from me in NYC will receive a considerable discount..

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