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92 Comanche making a weird noise from transmission

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Hello everyone, unfortunately I have to make this post about a transmission problem. It’s a 1992 with a manual 5 speed. I’m pretty sure it’s the AX-15 and not the Peugeot one but there’s so many other Comanche and Cherokee parts from other years on that thing that I’m not too sure about it. It started when I was on the highway. I sped up to pass someone in the right lane and I start to hear this gradual but sudden whining noise. it didn’t feel any different, except for a little more vibration than usual coming out of the shift knob. So I get off the highway and come to a stop to try out the gears. Reverse, first, and second are all fine, but when you shift into third fourth and fifth you get this nasty vibrating noise. It only happens when you accelerate, and it gets more high pitched when you shift up gears. Like I said it still drives exactly the same, no power loss or anything like that. So if anyone knows anything about it please let me know. I don’t know if or when something bad is going to happen, but I’m guessing it’s a when. 

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