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Random Low Idle When Hitting the Clutch

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I get a random low idle when coming to a stop light or stop etc when I hold the clutch. This doesn’t happen all the time but I’m a little stumped on this one. All grounds are good and have been re done. New TPS that’s set correctly, new IAC, new MAP and no vac leaks that I can find. The truck runs great at idle and top end with plenty of power. Any ideas. This one is sporadic so it’s hard to pin point. I grabbed a short clip when I took it out for a drive earlier making sure my high idle issue was fixed. I pushed in the clutch and coasted and the RPMs drop to ~200 ish. Any help is appreciated. TIA. 


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Figured I would update this.  Pulled the vac line to the EGR and capped it off.  Perfect idle everything with no stalling.  Now to decided what to do here, I will probably delete it all together but the source of the stalling is definitely there!  Just wanted to throw that out there just incase someone else was pulling out their hair with a truck stalling at stops etc.

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