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Stand alone efi system


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I’ve decided to set aside my stand alone project for the time being. Going to be moving and just don’t have the time to work on this. This is a MaxxECU Sport system that comes complete with ECU, harness and wideband 02 sensor. Also includes a coil igniter module and connector. 

This system can control 6 cyl sequential spark and injection or up to 12 cylinders in a wasted spark setup. The biggest feature I found is that it supports the native 91+ Jeep 4.0 crank and cam triggers as well as the renix crank and cam patterns. This ecu has built in 3 bar map, built in Bluetooth (so you can connect an android tablet for use as a digital dash) and a Cortex m3 processor. I have created a bit of a base file which will need plenty of fine tuning but I’ll send it along for reference. These ECU’s were first recommended by Chris @christuned who has been tuning the 4.0’s and strokers for years now. They are made in Sweden and are a top shelf system. This kit comes complete and is all brand new. I just turned it on to see if it would read the stock crank and cam triggers which it did perfectly. This is a universal kit that will require plenty of wiring and programming to complete. But the benefits are 100% control and tuning of your engine management. 



located on Guam USA and ships via usps priority mail. 

Link: https://www.maxxecu.com/products/sport





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