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Need help replacing TPS on 2.8L

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Hi folks! I have a 2.8L V6 1986 MJ and have been experiencing trouble accelerating above 45mph. After some research we think the TPS needs replacing. I believe I have the correct TPS, but haven't been able to find a diagram or instructions on where the TPS is located. There's some info out there on the other engines, but I haven't seen much for the 2.8L. Does anyone have a diagram or photos they can share? Appreciate any help!

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What he said. (Sorry can’t see the thread when I post with this app)
It’s carbureted, only differences would California and federal emissions.
Now that engine is common as dirt and anybody could have put whatever that wanted in. But factory it’s carbureted

If it’s another Chevy tbi system or the 3.4 fuel injection is another question

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