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87’ Gauge cluster problems

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Hey guys. I’ve got a problem with my gauge cluster. I bought this Comanche not running and the wiring in a tangled mess. I have gone through it

 as good as I possibly can and put everything in its respective places, cleaned the ground underneath the dash, replaced multiple parts including the headlight switch, ignition module, and I have also cleaned the black goo out of the fuse box on both sides. My problem is that nothing on my gauge cluster lights up, although my fuel level gauge reads correctly. I have been messing with the truck all day pretty much chasing my tail on this one. Any ideas? 

also, I am having trouble understanding how the column shifter works with the gauge cluster and the little string thingy. If anyone could elaborate on that I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!



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On 10/24/2021 at 7:56 PM, Ωhm said:


Cluster bulbs use the INST LPS fuse (5amps) for voltage from the HEADLAMP SW. Make sure knob is pulled out and you rotate knob CW and CCW for dimmer control.

Hey ohm, I tried pulling the knob out and turning it aswell. No luck with that. Fuse is good and I’m getting 12v to the fuse slot as well. I have other stuff needing work on the truck so I’m focusing on that now though. 

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