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MJ Dually???

Andy in Pa

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I saw an MJ dually today in Md, down near Westminster. I saw one before on ebay.....(different one of course, I think it was in CA).....what is the story with them? Did an aftermarket company do them, or is this an old airport/military vehicle? I didn't get a close look at the one I saw today, it was quite a few cars in front of me. Neat though, would make a cool project.



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there were 11 made.


one is in hawaii with a flatbed.


one sold on ebay once, then was rebuilt with all new HO stuff, and sold on ebay again.


if it was mint and white chances are it was that one.



they were made not by Jeep, but by some custom outfit. bought a base-model chassis and completely rebuilt the rig as a dually.


that's as much as I know

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