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3 hours later and i got the power steering pump lines on.

I have never wanted to throw a tool more in my life.

My hand is also cut open and bleeding everywhere, with a little oil running into the wound....


And for what? A comanche that is still missing the effing tranny lines because I forgot to put then back on when I put the engine back inside the truck.


SO now how the hell am I suppose to fish them back through without breaking them?


Yep I have no idea neither... :headpop:

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the truck is in the air, the lines were attempted to be slid in from the bottom


they keep binding on the transmission, and i can't get them over the tranmission togethor or apart


don't you have an aw4?


or is it a 4 cylinder auto?


regardless, you can't slide them up over the top of the trans. for the aw4 you slide it up forward, slide it too far, then slide it back up and pop the lines in place.


you may have to do 1 line at a time

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no this is a 904 (or 90 something)


the tranny lines run down the middle of the casing of the tranny on the top, then drop down to the side where they bolt into the casing. everytime i try to run them in, I can't get them to twist to the point that they will slide forward. they keep binding on the transmission and transmission tunnel

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i am honestly contemplating using rubber hose....because i just don't care anymore.


I will have to have my dad give me a hand when he gets home i think. I am getting to sore to work on it for much longer. Unfortunately it is the only thing left so I can start it up and get the vaccuum lines figured out, which will be aother adventure i am sure.

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Well after some "persuasion" (please read screaming, swearing, bending and pulling) the tranny lines are in. It ony took about an hour with help.


Tomorrow the TBI unit gets swapped over (because the vaccuum lines are absolutally everywhere and no matter what I do I can't figure them out), hook that pile of speghetti noodles for vaccuum lined up and them make it run. I tried cranking it over a few times tonight, hopefully everything is working the way it is suppose to.


If it doesnt run I will probably cry. The engine ran before, so I don't understand why it wouldn't now...

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the vaccuum line diagram is on the inside of m y engine as well, which is what I am hoping to use.


My problem came when I used an 87 YJ 2.5 into an 86 2.5 Comanche.


I figured that most of the stuff was for pollution control and I could have probably plugged it off, but I can't seem to figure it out.


Also the linkage on the TBI unit is different from the 2.5 manual to the 2.5 auto (again YJ to MJ), to I think to save myself the hassle, I will just switch off the TBI units and vaccuum pieces.


My other problem is that the pipe that runs from the Intake into the Exhaust manifold is broken, due to prying on it to get the block to drop onto the mounts.


So I now have to figure out how the heck I am going to fix that, looks like I will be pulling off the power steering pump , which was a real PITA the first time.


I am really starting to dislike the 2.5 compared to my 4.0

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I have absolutally no idea.


I tried to get it off to replace it but there is not enough room for me to swing a 7/8" wrench around to get the pipe off. I have another one here.


Oh well, I am probably just going to leave it I guess and see what happens. Hopefully it is no major problem, or I guess I will have to tare everything apart again


The good news is, in another 40 mins or so I will have all the vaccuum lines in the correct spot.


Alls I have left to do is get the fuel lines back into the TBI unit, and change the batteries and all should be well. My next endevour will be getting rid of some bad gas, as it's been sitting for about a year or so now.


Getting the vaccuum lines in the corrent spot is getting to kind of be a PITA because they were never correct in the first place(from when I took the origional engine out).


Oh well, all in all this engine swap has costed about 5 bucks (which is like what 100 dollars american? hahaha, feels good to finally be able to crack that joke)

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it now runs, which is great news.


the only problem now is that it is SUPER SUPER LOUD


The power steering pump is close to being bone dry, and I think I am getting some belt squeal (sp?) from the alternator.


Also I have no exhaust hooked up and there is that one pipe off of the manifold that is broken as well...so it's going to take a while before I figure out what is making what noise.


Also the water pump is probably bone dry as well which would add to some noise.


If its bottom end noise I will probably jump, but it never had any before so I don't see why it would now.


All in all it has been very interesting...


Tomorrow I am going to try and get it to run a lot better. I am pretty sure some of the sensors wiring is a little screwy so we shall see what happens. Again that stupid Hanes manual was absolutally useless.

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yeah I meant belt. I am pretty sure the most prominant noise is the power steering pump and the non existant exhaust. But even with the straight pipe, the motor still isn't very load. Not like my mopar 383 was with just the manifolds on it.


once my buddy gets here with the parts, I should be able to finish up the exhaust, fill up the power steering pump and then start checkin my sensors and one of the vaccuum lines. It still idle's super super high, but I havent ran it long enough to see if it will kick down or not, or let it get warm. That one pipe is still broken, so that may not be helping the situation either. We shall see, really there is only a days worht of work left.

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