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Renix 4.0 fuel rail regulator?

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Hey guys just upgraded to four port Volvo fuel injectors. She fired right up for a quick test. I reinstalled the air box and buttoned down the rail and crank no start.  No pressure at the fuel rail shrader valve after priming ignition to On but if I disconnect the inlet to the regulator before the rail I have plenty of pressure.  There are 2 orange washers with a black spacer between them on the male fuel input.  (That I keep dropping everytime I disconnect this thing to troubleshoot haha)  Is there a way I can test or replace just the regulator?  Don't think an o ring could be juping out and clogging the port.. (see close up pic)I'm in Hawaii so parts are severely limited here.  Aloha!


Update:  Removed pressure regulator but it's pressed together.  Can I hit this with a carb cleaner or will that disintegrate the diaphram?



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I would assume it would deteriorate the o rings.
The o ring in your last picture is a regular injector o ring, if I remember correctly.

The o rings inside of the regulator can be replaced. If someone else doesn't chime in with the part number, I'll look it up.

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Thanks Big Dan.  I replaced the pressure regulator but still have the same problem.  Gonna remove the rail tomorrow..  all I can think of is a blockage in the rail..  Hoping I find some poor bastid's 10mm socket or something.  Will update with my findings..

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