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Window Motor Wiring

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Anybody removed the power leads to the window motor? On my driver side the "up" wire, which IIRC is the blue wire, looks like it somehow has a cut in it. Need to remove the lead to repair or better yet rob the entire connector from my old passenger side shown in the pic. Trying to remove the leads from the old pass side with no luck. Hard to see in there to confirm if they have a lock tab, I've put a micro screwdriver down each side assuming there was a lock tab, still no luck. 

Pwr Window Motor Leads.jpg

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I am not familiar with the older MJ/XJ window motors, but from the photo you provided, it looks like the motor assembly is constructed so that the end of the assembly where the wires enter the motor is crimped to the body of the motor with some bent tabs.


I am guessing that the lugs that connect the wires into the motor proper are only accessible after the end plate for the motor is removed from the motor body.  This would be accomplished by unbending the tabs holding the endplate to the body.


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