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My 86 Comanche issues

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So, a few years ago I bought a 1986 Jeep Comanche. It had some issues, but I decided it was worth fixing. I never fixed anything. In October of 2017 I took it to a shop for brakes, after paying the $1000 bill I sat down in my truck with a big smile, put my key into- wait that's not the ignition- someone DESTROYED my steering column and drilled out my ignition. My smile turned into a mad man's laughter. The shop offered me a $10 off oil change in compensation for not locking my doors. Luckily I had a killswitch for the starter under my dash. Probably the only reason I still have it in my possession. Eventually it got repaired, but has some problems. My dash lights, brake lights, taillights, license plate lights do not work. I was thinking about buying a fuse box/wire set and rewiring it. One of my questions is, how difficult is this for someone with a beginner level understanding of electrical components? Is it worth doing or should I try and pinpoint the issue? And if so, what would be some possible solutions?


Thank you



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definitely worth fixing :D  I had a similar issue when I dropped my baby off to get the AC fixed and came back to find my stereo and speakers all missing.  the shop paid for all of it (especially since it turned out to be an employee that did it) but I was furious. :fistshake1:  (fun fact, if you're going to steal the key, come back at night, and then lock up the truck when you're done, it kinda narrows down the suspect pool)


as to the problem at hand, I would only consider that if I knew it was the problem.   you gotta track the power and see where it stops. and then do the same for the ground,.  I'd hate to have you do all that work only to find out is was just a wasted ground. :( 

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