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Rear Window “Gaskets” $20-$50 Upstate, SC


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The bad one $20, the good one $50 plus shipping. I take cash, venmo, PayPal, bullets, guns, dewalt tools and lots of other stuff as payment. If you pay through PayPal I appreciate a little extra to cover fees or friends and family. Price is OBO




and now the bad one. All the damage is on the backside and I’m sure it would still do the cosmetic job fine and could be fixed somehow, if no one bites I may attempt a fix.  05285A51-71FF-4D58-ACE6-25A1FBA21415.jpeg.9a22110376fd0e1636dbf3c86348b927.jpeg7C335223-FAFF-47A5-8CFC-15AFF7D77BBA.jpeg.328558f933f565a53b6477dc24878c33.jpegB69EC15B-1282-4DD2-91D9-2D1B256E6FF8.jpeg.fd36dfb1be30e84c7042023396996ceb.jpeg

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