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I'm Back!!!!!


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home that is, till monday... Best buy better give me my laptop back tomorrow, otherwise I'm gonna have a $#!&fit with them, been over a month....


Anywho, I can't really do too much to the MJ right now, it's going long arms, and most likely will be finding a 4.7/45rfe under the hood, along with dual optima yellow tops, and a warn 12k/lb powerplant.


MOAB's have been sourced for it (very cheap, and mint condition), so tires are now on the list.


I'm sure i'm forgetting some stuff...

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We'er you gone some where????




So how's your new job???

I already got a new job at the new job, more important, and i deal with 2 good lookin girls at work too now... jamminz.gif


I can't complain about the money, its pretty good.


I was gone to just a little south of Green Bay, WI.

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