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MJ parts to Trade - FL


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Cleaning out my garage a few months back and dug out some MJ parts. I was going to use these on another Comanche, but ended up selling it after the birth of my son. I am looking for XJ parts that no longer seem to show up in the pick n pulls. I have a wanted thread asking for some specific items and 2 members said they may have something. I would like to get these items (1990 XJ / gray interior) specifically a drivers side moving vent window in excellent working condition. Drivers side plastic for the bottom of the seat to hide the electronics. Drivers side seat control assembly. Also thinking about the front Jeep emblem with the pegs that hold it in place in excellent condition. Other stuff that I may not know about for my 1990 Cherokee.  Here is what I am looking at getting rid of ->
An original full MJ center console insert. The hole for the e-brake handle is blocked off because the e-brake on the MJs are By the drivers side Kick panel. This is how it looks after being washed and Armor All’d 





Other MJ specific parts and regular XJ parts ->






Waggy front in excellent shape with two grills->





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The faux wood upper door arm rests may be spoken for. I also working with a member on the vent window and lower seat plastic. Once I get what I have to have, I will post all pricing on stuff not I was not able to trade for. It will be in another new for sale thread. Thanks

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