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Renix vacume help and pic request

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Ok,so i went to my grandfathers shop today and took off the hose from the valve cover to the airbox and the one on the back also, i cleaned out the one on the from and reinstaled it, the rear one was a plastic peice that lead into a larger rubber hose into the intake, seccured at the seam with electrical tape (from the factory :roll: )i inserted a smaller rubber hose into that hose then ran it back to the rear of the valve cover, thinking the plastic one was clogged and would fix my blowby. well not the case, i plan to order the vaccume kit from rock auto, seems to have everyting, accept the one hose from the front of the valve cover to the box. What is it supposed to look like? any pics would be greatly apreciated!!

sorry for the lengthy post

Cam jamminz.gif

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