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2.5 and 4.0 In Dallas Tx Area

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Unless someone has a good ole boy shop that has room for a slow turn project, I need to sell both my Comanches.  I haven't found a new home, and they have been taking up space at friends houses for too long. 


'90 4.0 SWB that I t-boned a mini van in.  She still fired up and drove on the trailer but the front end is smashed.  The pictures have a straight hood bolted on to show the damage.  Front axel still sits in its proper place but the steering knuckle is pinched.  It has been sitting for 3 years

88' 2.5 SWB  Runs but is rough, previous owner did all kind of crazy stuff trying to keep it running without replacing parts.  Drivers side floor board rusted through and then "fixed" with particle board and expanding foam. 

I have most of an extra gray interior and some other assorted parts.  I am really depressed about this and if someone has a suggestion on what to ask I would really appreciate a PM and I will edit this post.  I have been given my uncles 84 Toyota pickup and am hopping to get enough cash to put a crate engine in it and be done.  I would rather have the jeep I just don't have the energy for them any more, without a place to work on them.











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