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SOA linkage?

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Alright I was poking around under my MJ today. The tail lights are all wacky but still legal.. I think. I will have to find my manual and do some testing.... or just leave it.

Anyways I found this when I was under there.


At first I thought the oil was from my massive oil leak/ blow by problem. But then noticed the breather line was disconnected form the axle. Finally my question. What is the deal with the tiny ball joint? Were they orginally used to help locate the axle?

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that is for the proportioning valve (the first one with the circle.). note that it is connected (or was) to your brake lines.


when the truck's loaded (if it's working right), the connector there would adjust the valve and send more fluid to the rear brakes, and vice-versa for unloaded.


most of us just put an xj prop. valve in...it's right under the brake booster/brake master cylinder, and seems to work better

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I had the same problem and did just what JeepcoMJ commented. XJ-proportioning block up front and took out the 'extra' brake line and the old one leading to the rear and just routed a new brake line directly to the rear brake hose. Some experience on working with the brakes is required (bleeding and such) but it's not a tough job (assuming that the brake lines open up as intended). After this fix my rear brakes worked a whole lot better than they used to (no leakage).


By the way, is this setup (weight valve thingy) available as a new part from somewhere?

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