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ax15 swap and DS lengths


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I will have my new tcase this week and be ready to yank my dead pukegoat out .

I have the ax15 all ready and the tcase is a 98 XJ case 231 with the sealed output.

the question I have is both of my DS are new , Am I gonna have to replace them or cut them any? This is all going into my LWB 88 MJ .


I am hopeing to just be able to use the shafts I have without any mods to them .

any ideas on what I should be in store for?

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no aditional lift at this piont . I have a 4.5" lift now when I swapped in the rear D44 I had to have the driveshaft shortened about 1" and I had to have the front shaft redone when I swapped in the 94 XJ d30.


I had just heard the ax15 was a hair longer than the pukegoat and it seems like the outputshaft on the XJ case is longer as well, so I figured I would run it by the experts :D .


I can hardly wait to get this swap done , I havent been able to drive the MJ for a few weeks now and it's killin me. Driveing my 4cyl 5spd YJ with lockrights front and rear is a bit anoying as a DD

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