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Moab RMP Activist "Trail" Ride


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Moab RMP Activist "Trail" Ride

Hey all! I'm crossposting this land use issue for a friend in my local club, Sam has busted is a$$ getting things smoothed and planned, and yesterday he was informed they DO have a permit. I realize this is a Utah specific event, but could give others ideas too around the country. Anyway, if any of the Utah folks here are available, let me know by PM and I'll tell you more.


Read on!!!!


Moab RMP Activist "Trail" Ride

I am attempting to organize an official event to show the support of the 4x4 community of U4WDA as our voice in this process. I would like to do a "trail" ride up state street to the Salt Lake main public Library on the afternoon of 10/03/07.


The route while not yet determined may consist of 75 - 150 of vehicles traveling from a meeting point on 3300 South around 4:45 in the afternoon and traveling north on state street to the capital then circling around and ending at the Library. All participants would then park their rigs and go into the library and support U4WDA at the meeting. I would like all participants to bring with them a letter supporting U4WDA.


We need to support U4WDA as this is our main voice in this process and we need to be unified behind them.


In order for this to be effective we need ALOT of rigs in this ride. I do not have enough contacts to get this information to all who need it. Please take this forward to your other clubs and friends and family.


Please post up!!! I need preliminary numbers pretty quickly if we are to make this happen and get the necessary permits. Let me know how many rigs and how many riders.


Imagine a line of 75 - 150 rigs traveling down state street in support of the 4x4 community and our right to enjoy our public lands. We can make this happen if we all participate.


Please PM me with any other sites either you have posted this on or that I should go to.


http://www.blm.gov/ut/st/en/fo/moab/pla ... olved.html


http://www.blm.gov/ut/st/en/fo/moab/pla ... p_eia.html


Fixed the links.

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OK folks... Next Wednesday we are expecting 90 rigs for this ride. At the end of the ride is the public meeting regarding the proposed trail plans, the room I hear, only has room for about 100 people. The more the merrier. We have media coverage planned, and at this point we will probably have more vehicles, and more people than space. But that is fine. And, to break the stereotypes, we are asking participants to dress at least business caual. You can wear what you want, but why show up the way the enviro-nazis expect?


All we are trying to do is minimize trail closures. I personally haven't been to Moab yet, but hope to soon. I'd sure like to ride some trails I've heard my friends talk about! :USAflag:

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"From my club's site and the guy that organized it..."


QUOTE(Zubicon @ Aug 27 2007, 02:23 PM) *


In my best Rod Serling voice (Twightlight zone- probably way before most of your's time). Picture if you will the Utah 4x4 club, Rocky Mountain Extreme, Mountain West, Wasatch Cruisers, Zutah Wheelers, every member of the Utah 4WDA all lined up for a cruise down state street, a caravan so long that it requires local law enforcment support for traffic and crowd control. WHAT AN IMPACT IT CAN MAKE!



Quote from Sam... Today...

RMP “Trail” Ride closing update


What a night!!!! We had 94 people in 82 rigs show for the event (had some join as we went along. And the ride went smoothly. We got broke up several times but I think that just added to the magnitude of our line.


We made a big impression on BLM and those hosting the event (SWCA). Deb R (SWCA) the person in charge of the meeting was surprised that we came in such large numbers and said she was very impressed. She also mention “And you are all dressed so nicely”. Channel 13 showed up for media coverage as well.


Thank you to everyone who attended and helped out with this gigantic undertaking. Our show of support for public land use could not be ignored tonight!!


A very special thank you to those who helped make this event possible behind the scenes


Jeff R For brain childing this idea to begin with


Bryon S for providing “Crawlers” as our meeting location, working with SSL to arrange our police escort on to State Street and the orange vests.


Steve Jackson and U4WDA for providing the window paint and putting the fact sheet together.


Michelle H for providing the Free Expression permit paper work for me to fill out. I would have been searching for days for the application


Scott H for being my sounding board and letting me bounce all kinds of idea’s off him. He did a great job keeping this grounded in reality. Also for making some calls to various media outlets.


Debbie, Paige, Quinn, Ron, Brian, Scott, Bryon for helping out with traffic control and information gathering at “Crawlers”.


Everyone who helped spread the word


I would also like to thank Elizabeth at the SLC Main public library for being so willing to accommodate our group. She put in some legwork to make sure we could ALL attend.


Forgive me if I missed someone it is not intentional


NOW!!! Post up those pics if you got em!!!!


This shall conclude my obnoxiously long posts……for now




Below is a list of participants who attended the event


Thank you to:


Sam H U4x4C

Debbie H U4x4C

Scott H U4x4C

Steve J U4WDA

Stephen N RME/RR4W

Bryon S Rock Hoppers

Douglas T U4x4C

Bill F Big Horn 4x4

Charity N U4x4C

Brian T U4x4C

Andy A U4WDA

Matt R Ogden Outlaw


Troy G Lone Peak

Chris E RME

Randal R RME

Karen E UOOC

Steve E UOOC


Richard D Wasatch Cruisers

Robert Q U4WDA

Dustin B Zu’tah Wheelers

Steve P SLC4X4

Wayne W U4X4C


Kyle G

Joel G WOW

Charlene B WOW

Cheston B WOW

Jeff M U4WDA

Brandon P SLC4x4

Cody M RME

Dominic S RME

Kristen T UFWA



Jeremy S UOOC

Steve K Big Horn 4X4

Barb K Big Horn 4X4

Jimmy P Wasatch Cruisers

John F Ogden Outlaws


Kurt W U4WDA

Scott B Wasatch Cruisers

Jeff A Wasatch Cruisers

Tracy B Crawlers Club


Matt W RR4W/ Big Horn

Bill F U4WDA

Lisa R U4WDA

Josh J Rock Monkey

Mary J U4x4C/Zu’tah

Lisa E RME

Devin W SLC4x4


Marlin S Lone Peak 4 Wheelers

Mike T U4WDA


John W WOW

Todd A U4WDA

Jeremy E U4WDA

Bryan M Wasatch Cruisers

Alisaw B

Paul T SLC4x4

Robert N

Ryan H U4x4C

Phillip L

Michelle T U4x4C

Christopher J

Steven W Lone Peak 4 Wheelers

Robby F Mountain Yoats

Jason G Mountain Yoats

JB W Lone Peak 4 Wheelers

Keith B RME

Mark A RME

Ron J U4x4C/Zu’tah Wheelers

Chuck C U4x4C

Kent G Lone Peak 4 Wheelers

Mitchell R Mountain Yoats

Caleb R Mountain Yoats

Sara D U4x4C

Lyman B U4WDA

Paige G U4x4C

Quinn I U4x4C

Bill M RME

Brandon D U4x4C

John H SLC4X4

Gary G

Jeff R U4x4C/Zu’tah Wheelers

Shannon R Zu’tah Wheelers

Jodie V U4x4C

Mike T Dirthedz

Gary T Dirthedz

Jerry L SLC4x4

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If everyplace that had trail closure issues did this, we might be able to finally get a handle on the enviro nuts. Trail education is a must if we want to keep enjoying our freedoms.


I myself, wasn't able to attend, but did help spread the word. Sadly, I couldn't attend due to work issues (I'm by myself in a 3 man shop and things are busy right now).


The guy that organized this event was telling me Tuesday night he was hoping for 80% turnout of the people that said they would be there. He organized the groups, garnered some sponsors, ran the permits and scaled down some of what he wanted to do. We really wanted to get permits to allow trail rigs to participate, but there just wasn't much any way to get that this time around. I do believe though, that if one man can organize something like this, it will be easier to do next time, and 84 4x4s DID get noticed.


As for my issues, anyone with electronics expereince need a job in Utah? PM for details. I'm not the hiring official, just trying to help out. :USAflag:

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