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Photoshop question


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Is it only possible to create box-ish slices? I think so, because each slice eventually becomes an image...and those can only be square dimensions, riii?


Maybe I can use hot spots instead...?


I'm trying to cut up a map of the world into the different continents, so I can create rollover affects when you mouse over them. The continents are too intricite and there isn't a way to cut them up into squares. Unless I find a 'dumbed' down picture of the world..


Any idears? :nuts:


BTW it's for the possible CC chapters, here's the discussion: http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4061

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I'm thinking you mean Image maps. You can make a picture of peter the fat-a$$ pig, and make his toes point one place, and nose another, and not encode anything into the picture itself.


It's code in the page that does it, either HTML or Javascript.


Check HTMLgoodies.com, I know there's a primer there about it.

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Easiest way is to use hot spots with a dimension code attached to it...


Is there a way to swap images on when you mouse over the specific hot spot? So far i've only been able to swap the images when you mouse over the entire thing.


It's in regards to this: http://www.amt.org/scott/cc/globe.html


I'd like to be able to mouse over the individual continents and swap out the black with color. I've got all the seperate swapping images, just don't know how to link it with the specific hot spots.

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