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Beechgrove Bandit Build

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1992 MJ Base model, long bed, 2WD, 4.0 H.O. engine. I think the AX 15 transmission, Dana 35 C rear end don't know the gear ratio.


135,000 miles


I have total rebuilt two UTV and a four wheeler wanting to do something different.


Bought this jeep for $2,500.00 almost a year ago


Right now trying to keep it together!!!


I plan on a 4WD conversion but for now doing a lot of research to see which route would be the easiest. Any Suggestions? Where to get Parts?


I plan on using it to go in the hunting club, ranch work, and of coarse show off a little in town.


I wanted to ask a couple questions:


Does look like a rear main seal leak? Oil is getting on transmission. how can you tell the difference?

To replace the front main seal do you have to take off the front end to get the oil pan off?

What going on with the end of my Transmission looks like it is leaking their also?

Does the rear end need a gasket?


Should I just wait and slow get my parts together for the conversion?


What I done so far Valve cover gasket, New plugs, new distributor, did the o ring fix on the oil filter, replaced the oil sensor that leaks. New fuel pump, AC conversion Kit, New Brakes, new shocks, new front rotors.


What i need window seals

sending unit searched long and hard. previous owner broke it taking it out.

Floor pans are in bad shape.


Any Help Would be greatly appreciated,


Thank you

thumbnail (1).jpg

thumbnail (2).jpg

thumbnail (3).jpg

thumbnail (4).jpg

thumbnail 5.jpg

thumbnail 6.jpg

thumbnail 7.jpg

thumbnail 8.jpg

thumbnail 9.jpg

thumbnail 10.jpg

thumbnail 11.jpg

thumbnail 12.jpg

thumbnail 13.jpg


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Nice starting place. Clean truck, just know it's a short bed. 

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