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I the absence of $$ to work on the MJ we have been working on the XJ the past 2 weeks. It now looks like I will build it for a trail rig and not fix up for my daughter. The rust around the wheels on the out side was better then first thought. But when we pulled the flooring out the floor is all but gone. Would take a lot more work then it’s worth to fix it up nice, so we are going to patch the large holes, cover with POR-15 then cover with bed liner.








Not up the wife’s or daughters standards but works for us guys.


As for the drive line, it looks like it’s never been off road. A couple u-joints and it looks like it will be ready to go. I was told at the time I got it that the 4.0 was gone (no power and metal in the oil) so we just took his word for it and got a 4.0 from Wildman to drop in.


Wellll the other day my son was under the weather so I was killing some time out in the garage and decided to start to strip the 4.0 that we had taken out. Well after about an 1hr I was wishing I would have put a battery in and tried the engine :oops: The plugs were all bad, not sure if a couple of them would even fire. #6 cylinder has some signs of oil blow buy, valves look good, piston and walls look good and the only thing that I see out of norm in the bottom was about a ¼” of black carbon in the oil pan. It did look like metal at first glance. So looks like I may have a spare 4.0 out of the deal :cheers:

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Awesome! My dream would be to have a low miles 4.0 (preferably HO) laying around that I can slowly work on and eventually throw into my truck.



On another note, your building a trail rig for your daughter?


I think i'm in love. :bowdown:

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Yes, a lot of work to do :eek:


Yes, it will be nice to have a spare 4.0 HO that we can drop in if we need it. Have a MJ and XJ w/ the 4.0 now and may have another down the road.


No trail rig for my daughter, she might get dirt on her or it could be cold or hot out:D



I was going to fix it up with a 2" lift and 31 for her to drive to college but just going to make the trail rig for the guys now :cheers:


But she would like a Jeep so could be hope for her ;)

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