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ICM Died... I have a free to me MSD

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I know the jeep system is hard to improve on, but my ICM is dead and I have a free MSD 6...  I called msd and the guy there made it sound like the only way to trigger the MSD is through a working ICM.  If this is the case I'll just put the Chinese ICM that I can get at the autoparts in and a factory coil.   


I would like to run the MSD and Coil I have for free If i can so I don't have any out of pocket on this fix...  Does anyone know if the factory ecu square wave input can trigger the MSD6?  And if so is it connected to the white wire????   (From MSD manual "This wire is used to connect to breaker points, electronic ignition amplifier output or to the Yellow wire of an MSD Timing Accessory. When this wire is used, the Magnetic Pickup connector is not used.")


There are four wires at factory icm ; 



tach signal d1

ecu square wave input...  

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