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Chrysler 360 Swap. Need help finding parts and technical information.

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Ok so i have a plan here and i need information, parts suggestions, or technical help. I appreciate everything i can get on this odd thought of mine. 


SO i just got a Chrysler 360 V8 from a family friend. I was going to swap my I-6 with this but i need to know if the make an adapter plate for the AX-15,or if the motor will bolt right up to my AX-15 trans, or  if i would be better of swapping engine trans and all. I really need to get a better understanding of how this can all workout before i jump into it headfirst and pocket book at the ready. so if anyone could get me technical info, advice, or parts lists. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

Keep On Jeepin On~ T.C.G:banana::comancheB::holdwrench::helpme:

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