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The most messed up/cool aunt in the world!


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Aunt Charged With Hiring Prostitutes For 12-Year-Old Nephew

Linda Van Pool


DONORA, Pa. - A Washington County woman is accused of paying two prostitutes to have sex with her 12-year-old nephew, WTAE Channel 4's Sheldon Ingram reported Thursday. "My anger is out of control," said the boy's mother, whose name is not being released in order to protect the child's identity.


Donora police said Linda Van Pool, 36, is charged with endangering the welfare of a child, soliciting prostitution and corruption of a minor.


The alleged incident occurred in November. Local police and county authorities have been investigating since that time, and details are only now beginning to surface.

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The boy's mother, who works as a bartender at Ray's Place, told Ingram that her son was being watched by Van Pool on the night of the alleged sexual activity.


Van Pool came to the bar and requested $80 that she said she needed for the child, according to the mother, who said she provided the money without knowing it would be used for sex.


"I just thought he would call his grandmother and wind up spending it at Wal-Mart or wherever," said the mother.


Police said Van Pool brought her nephew to separate locations -- one on Fifth Street and one on Linden Way -- for the sexual activity.


"I didn't know that she would take him to those type of women. I didn't think they existed in this area. I thought you had to go to Pittsburgh for that," she said.


The mother said the boy's aunt told her what had happened after she got home from work. She said her son confirmed the story to her the next day.


The 12-year-old's father had died not long before, and the child was "acting up" at home, so the sex was bought "as a way to appease the boy," Donora police said.


Van Pool is in jail on $5,000 bond. The women who allegedly had sex with the boy have not been arrested, but police said they expect that to happen soon.


The boy is now living with grandparents, according to his mother, who is also facing charges even though she denies any involvement.


"I lost my husband, he lost his father, and now he lost his family," the mother said.

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