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A/C systems.

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Yeah it's probably just more electrical simple stuff, sue me:crazy:

I expect this to go beyond electrical issues since I know nothing about a/c systems. 


I have not the slightest clue where to begin with this one. 

What I've read so far is that the relay for it is the one closest to the cab near the batt, in my case, I'm assuming that's the 3 next to the starter relay, closest to the cab. Dunno how to test it because I have this one floating wire from my ac clutch. Wheres she go?


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that wire it is the one that kicks on the compressor. In General is you push the a/c button wire goes down to the pressure switch on dryer if you have enough pressure it then passes on to the relay. That relay once active powers that line you have there Compressor and the electric fan.

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