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Deep Gap, NC Parts Sale addendum

NC Tom

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So my buddy with the parts was holding out on me. :laugh2:


He has a set of flawless, powder-coated Turbines for sale! They ain't cheap at $600 for the set, but they are beautiful! I can't swing this, but somebody on the forum has got to snag these!





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On 8/28/2018 at 4:14 AM, krustyballer16 said:

They're not the factory finish? I picked up a set for $20 and had them powdercoated for free....
I don't even think a set of perfect turbines are worth $600.... I'll sell you a set, powdercoated, with tires, for less than that.


You picked up a set (4) turbines for $20? Powdercoated for free? NEVER seen nor heard of that! Good for you and your amazing resources! :bowdown:

I can't recall ever seeing a set of turbines for less than $100. A professionally refurbished-to-factory set can run over $500.

He says he's got that much in them. I'm just trying to help him out, you know.


"Be nice to each other. (and that includes no publicly denouncing someone's price. If you want to inform them that their price is too high, please do it in a PM.)"

Make a note of this rule as you just crapped all over it!

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