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86 MJ St. Louis

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So I found this beauty on the St. Louis craigslist. I live in NW Illinois and I'm actually really considering this truck. I have a really rusty 03 dodge 1500 hemi sport package, I bought it new. I was looking for a truck that i could drive and mj and jeep trucks were the first ones in my mind. What's your guys opinion on this truck?


It would be the first mj I've personally owned myself. I can deal with rusty vehicles, really rusted I can deal with too. I like the AMC years over the Chrysler years.





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what are your plans for the truck?  daily driver or monster truck?  how much of a project are you looking for?  this particular truck is a 2.5l/auto and will be the opposite of speedy, which will get worse with bigger tires.  and "wiring issues" could mean a couple bad grounds, or it could be that a mouse made a home inside the dash and you need to rewire most of it. :dunno:  can't say without checking it out in person.  if you go see it, be sure to bring a fridge magnet and check for hidden bondo and rust.  pull up the carpet and look for moisture underneath which could indicate rust.  

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