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Colorado: Shifters!


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Someone HAS to want these!  


Novak Adapters NV231 transfer case shifter. Nearly new, very little use. Complete. Retail for $190, sell $130 shipped!

RAD Designs Rock Shifter with Rail Controller, briefly installed and removed. Together cost $295, sell $220 shipped!  (Replaces OEM shifter, rail controller allows single gear selection and lock in.)

RAD Designs Baja Shifter, briefly installed, wired up and removed. Retail $160, sell $120 shipped!  (This can be used in conjunction with your OEM shifter, or with the Rock Shifter.  this mounts in the opening where the XJ e-brake handle/MJ ebrake delete area is in the center console - as I recall)


The Rock Shifter and Baja Shifter can be used together as well, the Baja shifter is just a large version of the Rail Controller.  If you were to build a custom center console/shifter box, they can go side by side.


RAD Designs is still in business and has excellent customer service and install hotline.  They'll answer all your questions about installing these!




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